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Jan 30 2014, 10:35 PM
Jan 30 2014, 04:17 PM
My endless supply of boot up the award goes to Liz, period. This wanting Nik after he has another girlfriend is just old and juvenile.
Once upon a time, I liked the character of Liz and I really do love the actress. Every time I've seen Becky Herbst in an interview, she seems like the sweetest lady. However, something has got to change with the way they write this character. Whenever one of her former men decides to have a relationship with someone else she becomes petty, jealous and possessive of said ex. Every. Single. Time. We saw it with Jason and Lucky numerous times and I have no doubt that if those men were still around and with other women she'd be sniffing around them and being a bitch to their new woman. I could understand it when she was in her teens and even early 20's but she's a thirty something mother now, grow up! And when the hell did Niz become "true love?" From what I recall, they both regretted the affair and Nikolas even said that Liz was just a replacement for Emily. :shrug: :drunk: Old and juvenile pretty much sums it up!
I agree. Becky is a great actress but the writing for her sucks. I love it when she makes her snarky comments. I want her away from this whole Britt mess.
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