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Jan 27 2014, 10:31 PM
I honestly don't think that Sami will die. There is no way that I can see that happen when AS clearly said that she'd like to come back on occasion.
I personally don't want her to be shipped off with anyone. I don't love or hate the character, and I don't think her character really belongs with anyone. Lumi is done IMO, young loves who moved on in different directions. There is no romantic connection anymore, just a nice friendship. Rafe should have never been IMO. And Ejami love each other but can't get past themselves. For those who have no agendas, Sami should just walk off by herself to maybe "find herself".
I think Sami should go to prison.. Maybe she accidently kills Gabi and that is Gabi's exit, Though I hate for Rafe to lose another sister.. But...She should either go to Prison, Or people think she is leaving town.. While she , Like Kristen is being held somewhere .. for a LONG Time.. Accept This time people believe she left on her own.. BUT since I dont see her leaving her children.. I think Prison is the answer.. this leaves the door open, and explains her leaving her kids.
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