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I tried to watch the show since I was not able to watch it (beyond few clips) for weeks. Honestly, the show is unwatchable. I don't see any rootable characters or couples.

- They're ruined AJ. I really liked AJ and Michael's father son dynamic but now Michael is back in Sonny's orbit.

Robin's return is ruined with this stupid baby s/l. Why can't they tell a proper story of the trauma she's faced and how that affects her.

And don't get me started on the absurdity of Dr. O becoming a CofS. And why is she supervising nurses again?

The never ending ridiculous mob war storyline. Please just kill of Sonny and stop with the mob crap.

And while we're talking about preposterous s/l, why should anyone care about little kids "love" triangle? WTF writers?

Finally, the couple I really loved are ruined beyond repear. I was really rooting for Nick and Britt, but there's no way they can recover from the final baby reveal. I just can't with the stolen embryos. So predictable, so unoriginal.
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