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WEEK OF MARCH 24 - MARCH 28, 1980
Bob died shortly after Mary's and Alex's wedding. Bob had planned to reunite with Phyllis. Tony recognized Lee from Paris, which intrigued Neil. Mickey tried to locate Melissa, who has been dumped into a private school by Linda. Margo came out of her coma, and she and Mike pretended she isn't terminal. Don agreed that Marlena can return to work, but only if it's at home to counsel Mike and Margo. Marie couldn't bring herself to talk Mary out of marriage to Alex, who's gloating that he'll have a clear field at Anderson's now that Bob is dead. Julie fantasized having Doug's child after she met Donny. Lee convinced Doug she wants to work at the club.
WEEK OF MARCH 31 - APRIL 4, 1980
Mary wouldn't let Alex touch her following Bob's death. Alex seethed that Bob's will named Chris trustee and head of Anderson Mfg. Marlena was jealous when Don worked with curvaceous PTA members. Phyllis decided to leave town since Bob is gone and Mary doesn't want her help. Mary's in an emotional vacuum. Alex tried to win David over to his side of the company. Trish nixed joining the rock band. Samantha told Marlena she may return to Hollywood. Tony flirted with Maggie before asking Julie to join him on a business trip. Everyone donated blood for Margo. Lee got uptight that Doug fretted about Julie's reaction to Bob's death.
WEEK OF APRIL 7 - APRIL 11, 1980
Doug spotted Julie being kissed by Tony. Bill told Tom he's moving to a Lakewood staff spot for Laura's sake. Donna arranged to live with Grandma Craig because Don Jr. is a constant reminder of her own lost child and she can't live down the porno reputation. Lee noticed that Doug wasn't happy in bed. Tony teased Lee about their past relationship, which she insisted was a drop in the bucket. Alex began proceedings to contest Bob's will. Maggie transferred Melissa to a nicer boarding school. Mike and Margo leveled with each other about the inevitability of her death.


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