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WEEK OF APRIL 14 - APRIL 18, 1980
Samantha packed her bags for Hollywood and a movie role. Alice and Lee pretended to Doug that they got along. Marie learned that Cathy is engaged to a Chicago intern. Margo continued to spend her final hours, minutes, and seconds with Mike while Marlena conducted "death acceptance" therapy. Julie and Lee shot barbs at each other at Doug's Place, though Julie told Trish she's not bothered about Lee. Mary continued the cold-fish treatment to Alex, whose former partner, Ray, wants a cut of company profits because Ray knows of Alex's past dirty dealings. Hope questioned Tony about being the new man in Julie's life.
WEEK OF APRIL 21 - APRIL 25, 1980
Doug suggested that Neil find a girl friend. Neil's ears perked up when he learned that Julie was starting a new interior design firm. Mickey suggested that Doug open a casino, as Doug wanted to close the club and gambling soon would be legal. Lee pressured Doug to buy a larger house. Marlena had trouble juggling her domestic life, raising Donnie, and therapy duties. Alex lost his cool with Mary's remoteness, and she grew suspicious of his business greed. Businessman Maxwell Jarvis questioned Mickey about Anderson's ability to pull through after the change in control. In therapy, Mike complained to Marlena that he felt Margo was abandoning him.


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