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I decided to try to watch again last week and I'm really surprised because I'm really really enjoying it.

God, i hate hate hate fucking hate chelsea. such a selfish bitch. I wish Chloe would just dump her.

I love how well Chloe is handling the Adam reveal. Chloe is a better friend then what chelsea derserves. I love how much Chloe cares for Connor.

The only thing i am really not liking is Dylan / Avery / Nikki / that creepy old guy. Dylan and Avery are too boring and this weird guy doesn't add anything to the show. What's up with his business or something, about changing kids? Or he can convince people well? Idk.

I want him to stay far away from Summer.

I know I sound like those crazy tweens on twitter, but I love Fenmore and Summer. They have the potential to be a supercouple.

I thought the Carmen reveal was done well. Go Michael!

Shick <3 I loved there scenes. Joshua and Sharon are both so hot. I wish Sharon would become a brunette again.

I am not here for ghost Cassie. No thanks. Such a stupid story.

I loved John confronting Victor. Team Abbott! I cannot stand Victor. Nikki's an idiot.

I love Traci being on the show. I thought the Abby and Traci scenes were nice.

I actually would love a Jack / Hilary affair. Hilary actually has personality, unlike the rest of the newbies.

Noah and that girl are so boring. Holy crap. He needs someone hotter, too.

I'm looking forward to the aftermath today. Seeing Adam Newman being burned alive was great. Too bad he's coming back in 6 months! Unless MM was bullshitting us.

Where's Jill?
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