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Sammie Jo
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Miss Rhi
Feb 4 2014, 04:26 AM
It looks like Nellie deleted the original KSJ tweets someone copied and pasted them at SON though.

Nelson Branco @nelliebranco
Fact: @kristoffstjohn1 DMd to get Muhney scoop; I didn't bite. Maybe his kids wouldn't be druggies if he paid attention to them.

Nelson Branco @nelliebranco
@kristoffstjohn1 Comparing the LA Riots to #YR isn't a metaphor, dude. Oh, and someone who drinks and drives has NO right to judge me.

Nelson Branco @nelliebranco
@kristoffstjohn1 I interview real actors like Meryl Streep. I'm not worried that KSJ is mad at me. especially when I know his dirty biz

Nelson Branco @nelliebranco
I'm so happy that I live in a world where no one cares about about a silly soap or a bad soap actor... it doesn't matter, peeps. Real world

Nelson Branco @nelliebranco
The LA Riots? Really? Dude, Ur on drugs.

Nelson Branco @nelliebranco
These are the facts: no one is losing sleep over #YR. With the Ukraine, Syria, Russian crisis, u guys are all pathetic human beings.
Oh he is ridiculous, if no one cared about "silly soaps" he wouldn't have a job.
Has anyone ever heard of him interviewing "real" actors?
That, right there is going to bite him in the ass. He'll be on the unemployment line like MM.
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