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WEEK OF APRIL 28 - MAY 2, 1980
A slew of Salem newcomers included Jessica Blake, a scholarship student sent by the nuns to work with Marie; Kellam Chandler, who was running for governor and courting Don's favor; Kellam's stepdaughter, jetting setting Liz; Kellam's roustabout son Todd; mysterious Josh Fallon, caretaker of the mansion Doug bought to convert into a casino if gambling were legalized; Flora Chisholm, ailing ex-owner of the mansion; and Leslie James, Chris' new executive assistant. Chris and Alex argued about the ad campaigns for the solar energy device. Alex secretly arranged for government man Harold Rankin to force Leslie on Chris. Mickey approved of Doug's investment, but Don was working against legalizing gambling.
WEEK OF MAY 5 - MAY 9, 1980
Alex funded Jessica's education, but warned Tom to keep his donation a secret. Leslie arrived by landing her private plane on a company service road. Alex led David to believe that Leslie was a corporate spy. Leslie denied to Chris that she had been planted at the company by Alex or the government. Marlena had bad vibes about Don's association with Kellam's campaign. Liz warned Todd to clean up his act, since Kellam wants to present a good family image. Lee was upset at Doug's gambling casino idea. Liz's arrival in Salem mysteriously upset Lee. Julie is redecorating the Chandler mansion for Doug. Jessica works with lab technician Cassie, who's Todd's girlfriend. Kellam's manager, Max Jarvis, opposed Doug's sheltering of Mrs. Chisholm.


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