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Its stupidity on their part, I've never been fired but I would think that you wouldn't want to go back to the place you were fired from. The same people work there, you would have the same problems either your fault or not. Nothing would change and you'd be worse off because they would be watching you to see what you would do, and another thing I've never heard of them rehiring someone they fired. Like I said I've never been fired but I quit a few places and other places they had to close the company and move out of town to get rid of me lol and I've never ever wanted to go back to the places I've quit, I see people I worked with out and we may talk and again we may not. Just depends. But these teenyboppers have never held a job and depend on their parents for allowances so they would have no idea about getting back a fired job. They just want what they want and they want it right now.
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