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Feb 5 2014, 07:39 AM
I hope Dan tapes her saying everything and shows it to everyone. I am guessing after Dan finds out Teresa is a liar and rejects her again, she will not care about drinking in front of everyone and then she will have a downward spiral. I guess she will get rid of the evidence JJ has on her
What would Dan taping her change? Everyone hates her already and think of her as the worst scum to walk the earth. Other than little bit of Jennifer shrieking and Brady family telling her again that she's a screw up, she's not losing anything.

The thing with Theresa is, the character is just a one gigantic stupid plot devise for Daniffer and their sycophants. Nothing about her makes sense. Not her, "I am from the wrong side of the track" act or her obsession with Dan, her association with JJ (beyond when he was her drug supplier) or even her hatred of Jennifer. She's not even using the freaking drugs she blackmailed JJ of getting for her. You know what else doesn't make sense? Her sentencing and why she hates LA so much. Seriously, a girl from California would choose Salem over LA? The writers need to explain her movitation, instead they turned her into a one tune loathsome character. The only thing that's saving this character is Jen Lilley's charm and acting skills. I don't think that will sustain her much though, so the writers better do something drastic or she'll be unredeemable.
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