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WEEK OF MAY 12 - MAY 16, 1980
Julie worried over Josh who suffered from a resistant strain of malaria he contracted in Viet Nam. Jessica helped Mike pick out a new dress for Margo who attended Julie's design shop opening. Kellam warmed up to Marlena and refused Liz's request to accompany Don on campaign business out of town. Alex accepted Tom's hospital board position. Jessica and Margo are becoming fast friends. Julie told Hope she wouldn't be seeing a lot of her now that Lee is Hope's new mother. Alex was upset that he had no say in Chris and Leslie's firing of Anderson employees who didn't like Chris.
WEEK OF MAY 19 - MAY 23, 1980
Leslie and Chris hired Dylan O'Grady. David spied on Les and Chris for Alex. Kellam ordered Todd to drop Cassie because she's "cheap." Mike moved Margo to Mickey's farm where she can die peacefully. Josh was suspicious that Liz acted friendly. Lee blew up, then acted cool about Doug hiring Julie to decorate Doug's casino. Kellam told Jarvis to convince Don to order an injunction against the casino. Liz knows something about Lee's past in Paris. Alex cooperated with Kellam's planned takeover of Anderson Manufacturing after blackmail was threatened. Liz warned Kellam not to get hot over Julie, then he eyed Marlena. Now it's Mary's turn to want sex while Alex won't budge.


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