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Feb 5 2014, 11:50 AM
Did anyone else see MTS on Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel yesterday? She brought a script and told how she broke it down to just her scenes, because they have no time for rehearsal so sometimes she'll say something in a scene and then have to ask the crew what is she talking about that she was off the day before and they then tell her what the story is. She said the fans wouldn't have it any other way than for Nikki and Victor to walk into the sunset together if the show ever ended. She said that they had been married 4 times to each other but she had been married 7 other times. I thought it was more than that for both. She said sometimes she has an early call but may get out by 10 am other times she may have a 3 pm call and not get out till midnight. But she says they stay longer if there's a wedding or funeral or some big party. She says it varies from day to day. She never mentioned any other actor but it showed some pictures of her in the early days and Victor and Nikki's first wedding and their 3rd wedding. She wasn't on very long.

Thank you for posting!
I searched and found a link to her interview.
The blurb says "She explains how she developed a photographic memory in order to remember pages and pages of dialogue for the soap opera with little to no rehearsal. She and her co-stars don't always nail their lines, so Melody tells us how she recovers and improvises after the flub."
Here is a link to the interview where you can watch online:

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