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Sammie Jo
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Feb 6 2014, 10:51 AM
I had read somewhere that they had to hide one writer as MM was always telling him what or how to write his part, I guess he really thought he was "Victor Newman Jr" and wanted to take the whole show over. Now Sammy I'm not knocking Victor or Eric just saying Michael began to believe his part was real life and that he could act, write, direct, and produce better than the ones that were (are) acting, writing, directing and producing So the movie is 5 years old, I've never heard of it but that doesn't mean anything either. Wonder if he's "writing" anything now, that we'll see in the near future. I guess as long as he puts food in his kids' stomach and clothes on their backs, and provides them with a home he has a right to try or do something in the entertainment field. But again like I've said before his attitude is what gets him in trouble, he needs to change that.
Why do you seem to think I get upset if someone knocks Victor/EB? I get upset when they make up shit, like EB calls the shots, EB writes his own scripts, EB is a snob, :blah: :blah: :blah: or constantly calls them stupid names, and I've been pissed at the way they've been writing victor ever since the throwing billy in jail in Burma or wherever.
It's like when they were saying years back that Eileen Davidson was a man, she's not even a favorite of mine and I was steaming everytime I read that.
I totally believe they had to hide a writer from MM, he seems to have an ego bigger than Dallas.
Pretty funny though, since his feverish fans seem to think EB writes the scripts, he should have been pestering him. :lol:
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