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WEEK OF MAY 26 - MAY 30, 1980
Don got on Marlena's back after Don Jr. was a victim of crib death. Leslie spent a birthday night with Chris but said it can't happen again. Jessica tended an abandoned child and complained to Marie about her illegitimacy. Alex sweet-talked Mary into merging with Kellam. The gambling bill passed, but Don, working for Kellam, got an injunction against Doug's casino. Don was conferring with Liz when D.J. died, and his guilt led to blaming Marlena for their son's death. Allen Hamlin, who is Alex's "plant," was hired after Dylan was bought off. Alex used Kellam's dough to pay for Jessica's tuition. Marie collapsed from exhaustion. Josh remembered that his mother died after his father sent him to military school.
WEEK OF JUNE 2 - JUNE 6, 1980
Chris suspected Alex was to blame when a truckload of supplies, headed for Anderson Manufacturing, was run off the road. Jarvis, who wanted Kellam to speed up the Anderson takeover, had instigated the derailing of the equipment. Doug got his gambling license, and Lee was miffed that Julie was decorating the casino for Doug. Liz accused Julie of setting her cap for Kellam, which Julie denied. Marie was sent off to a convent to rest. Jessica accepted a blind date arranged by Cassie and was shocked when Josh turned out to be the man. Don refused Marlena's request that they try to have another baby. Liz flirted with Josh. Doug learned that Liz had known Lee in Europe.


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