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WEEK OF JUNE 9 - JUNE 13, 1980
Kellam charmed Marlena. Alex made a play for Leslie. Josh was amused by Liz's flirting. Josh warned Tod to keep away from Jessica, who caught Tod's eye. Mary asked Mickey to investigate Alex's past. Neil suggested Doug prevent Lee from popping "nerve" pills. Kellam warned Jarvis against any further rough stuff to get Anderson Manufacturing. Doug denied to Julie that he and Lee aren't happy.
WEEK OF JUNE 16 - JUNE 20, 1980
Liz and Neil agreed to satisfy their sexual appetites with each other. Mary was jealous of Alex's attentions to Leslie, who didn't tell Chris about Alex's advances. Marie returned and learned Alex is funding Jessica's education and Tom is going to Chicago for surgery. Rebuffed by Julie, Kellam persuaded Marlena to join the campaign trail. Trisha rehearsed at Doug's casino while David fumed that Joshua offered to baby-sit Scotty. Alex persuaded Kellam to help fund the free clinic, but dispelled Leslie's suspicions that someone's sabotaging Anderson Mfg. The old sparks flizzled during Don and Marlena's lovemaking.
WEEK OF JUNE 23 - JUNE 27, 1980
Julie admitted to Maggie that she has feelings for Kellam. Alex told Marie that he married Mary because he couldn't have Marie. David blew a fuse over Trish being friendly with Josh. Leslie couldn't shake thoughts of Alex while she was in Chris. Liz told Neil about her love-hate relationship with Kellam. Doug was jealous that Julie dated Kellam. Lee complained to Doug that she's feeling poorly. Jessica got the wrong idea when she spotted Josh with Liz. Josh and Don commended Marlena's courage with children at the free clinic.
WEEK OF JUNE 30 - JULY 4, 1980
Lee hired gunman Brent Cavanaugh to tail Doug and Julie. Brent got rough with Lee when she gave him orders. Chris and Leslie argued about her business trip with Alex. Mary departed to nurse an ill Phyllis. Josh admitted to Tod that he had put flowers on Sunny's grave at Mrs. Chisholm's request. Tom had a dangerous operation, and Alice worried. Jarvis ordered Hamlin to get rid of Leslie if she was any trouble at the plant. Josh beat up an intruder who almost scared Mrs. Chisholm to death. Alex gave David a bonus for snooping on Kellam. Marie laid into Alex for suggesting he might divorce Mary.


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