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Feb 7 2014, 03:27 PM
Eileen Davidson, Ari Zucker, and Deidre Hall all submitted for Lead Actress? I approve!

Judi Evans and Mary Beth Evans for Supporting Actress? I approve even more! If Mary Beth submitted her rape confession scenes with JJ, she'll be shoo-in for a nomination.

Jen Lilley and Meredith Scott Lynn submitted as well? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love these two, but I haven't seen anything Emmy-worthy from either of them yet.
DAYS will get Davidson in Lead Actress but the other 3 will not get in...despite Zucker's strong and deserving material, there is just too many heavy performers here from the other shows and any DAYS support in Lead Actress will go heavily to Davidson...essentially Zucker is overshadowed by Davidson. Hall is a non factor (as far as LA is concerned) and Sweeney is obviously despised since she has never been able to get ANY support for a nomination in over two decades. DAYS has not had a double-nominee in ANY lead category in DECADES and I doubt that changes this year. My only fear is somehow Sweeney/Hall/Zucker take votes from Davidson, leaving her off the pre-nom list which would piss me off BEYOND words.

Zucker and Hall submitting in Lead truly help MSL, JE and MBE in Supporting though, especially MBE and JE who have AMAZING material to submit, and both are highly respected actresses with support from all 3 networks.

Judi Evans has those scenes with WK when Adrienne was exposed for being the person who turned the tape of Sami into the DA...those scenes were AMAZING...I was mesmerized and I hope this is what she chose to submit.

MBE has the rape reveal with Casey Moss (who no doubt will submit something from that as well). MBE was VERY good in those scenes. She also has the pot-episode as well, she could have used a scene from the rape episode and from the pot episode to contrast her work in comedy and drama.
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