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Sammie Jo
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Feb 7 2014, 10:14 AM
didn't MTS have to teach him, I thought she made a remark about having to show him how to twitter. Hey I'm almost 70 eeks did I have to say that! and I am on twitter and face book, hate face book, to me its so impersonal if I want to tell someone something I email, or call I don't text I'm not into texting either. I feel like I'm getting only half the conversation on face book and have to go back several twitters to see what the hell they're talking about.
I'm on FB but, I live in a really small town, so it's really like one big coffee Klatch and we all talk and find out what's going on. The gossip spreads faster than via phone! lol
I don't want to twitter just because I don't need another tool to help me waste time and I don't speak abreviationese.
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