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Sammie Jo
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Feb 9 2014, 01:37 PM
I'd love to *NOT* give MM any more attention. He doesn't deserve attention, in my opinion.

I support HK in this but ... if we talk about her, then the convo goes back to MM.

I'd rather not hear his name anymore. Yuck.

I'd rather give the current show my discussion. (imperfect though the show may be)

(*just my opinion/suggestion*).

So what do you all think about the current show?
I want the real driver revealed and Sharon exposed for the summer/DNA debacle.
I also want to know about that stupid music box, but I guess colin is going to cause that to be dragged out for months.
I want Noah to stop acting the ass, she had to lie to you, you fool, what don't you understand about UNDERCOVER COP!
I also want tptb to come out and make some sort of a statement to put this mess to rest and to recast Adam and Phyliss.
Oh yeah, and I want Devon and Hillary to hook up so lilly will be all butt hurt. :lol:
Oh, and one more thing, I don't want to see them go the Ian/summer route. That guy is a really good actor because he really creeps me out. Hopefully though, him being around will keep Victor busy and he won't be hovering over Chelsea.
Aren't you glad you asked? :tounge:
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