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Feb 9 2014, 07:42 PM
Nahhhhhhh, it's not Phyllis, Jill wouldn't act that way... I don't think.

Hmmmm. Well maybe everyone's shocked, but the promo camera highlighted only Jill's shock?

That would indeed be wild if Phyllis woke up and she told her doctors not to contact Jack because she wants to surprise him! I didn't even think of Phyllis until you all suggested her.

Hmmm. More thoughts: We've all been assuming that Adam would have been badly burned in the crash, and the show would explain the RECAST as having a new face due to plastic surgery. But what if they DON'T explain the Recast's new face? What if they do what they did with Billy and simply put in a new actor but play it as if he looks the same to everyone? If that's what they do, then perhaps Adam wasn't as badly hurt as we assumed, and he will indeed appear sooner than we expected.

hmmmm :shrug:

Other ideas: The Cassie clone or twin or robot (whatever she/it is) ... that has been appearing to Sharon as a tangible person instead of a ghost. Perhaps that's a real person who shows up and stuns everyone.
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