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Frankly I think the show's been a bit boring.

I love the character of Jill Foster Abbot Fenmore (whatever her name is).
but I hate this stupid Colin storyline.

The *real* Jill Foster Abbot Fenmore would *NOT* allow Colin to reduce her to this pitiful situation of "begging" for help with the musicbox. And I don't think tying her up was funny. Ugh.

Love Tristan Rogers -- as Robert Scorpio! Not as Colin.

What I *do* like:

When Jill visited Billy in the hospital. This was the first time actress Jess Walton had been in a scene with David Tom since he left the show many years ago. I liked it that Jill had lines that said something about ... how seeing him in the hospital like that ... this made her feel he wasn't her adult son, but instead he felt like her little boy again. I liked this because it felt like a nod to David Tom having portrayed a youthful Billy all those years ago.

There was a poignancy about that (in my opinion).

It reminded me of Jeannie Cooper's last scene before she died -- when "Katherine" went up the stairs and said good-night to Jill. You could tell that the actress Jess Walton intuitively knew that this was really good-bye and you could see it in her eyes.
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