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I previously posted this question on the spoiler thread, but it's not a spoiler anymore. So I've deleted it from there and moved my question here.

I watched the episode for
Thursday Feb 6th Canada /// Friday Feb 7th USA

and then I watched the episode for
Friday Feb 7th Canada /// Monday Feb 10th USA

In both episodes, they showed Sharon wearing the same dress going into the same elevator at Jabot, and seeing a life-size real-looking Cassie standing in the elevator.

It was exactly the same scene, because I saw someone exit the elevator as Sharon was walking up to it, and it looked like the same person.

What was weird about this was ... it looked like it was the same scene as originally filmed ...
(not two different occurrences).

The same scene broadcast on two separate episodes ... but both times it occurred in the MIDDLE of the episode. Very strange.

I can understand an episode ending with an emotional scene, and then repeating the scene to START the next episode. But I've never seen this in the MIDDLE of two episodes like this.

Very strange.

If you are able to view both episodes, watch and see if you notice this ... Was there anything different at all?

Maybe she banged on the door of the elevator yelling afterwards the second time, but that was like continuing the same scene, and not creating a new scene.

Did they edit this badly, Or is Sharon nuts, Or am *I* going crazy?
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