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they showed the same scene the second time earlier in the show than they did the first time, but I think (again) that it was meant to set up the fact that she is being spooked by what she thinks is Cassie's ghost, she says I'm taking my medicine, I'm seeing my therapist why is Cassie still haunting me? Its because you need to tell Nick the truth Dummie! Nick almost caught her talking to herself, and he told her the conversation wasn't finished. But I can't explain the scene where the word phantom was spelled out.
What I thought was a stupid scene was Kevin and Fen wrestling and Lauren and Michael looking on like two indulgent parents over their little boys playing. Isn't Kevin supposed to be in his late 30's by now, it wasn't like Fen was a little boy teasing his same age uncle. Although they act the same age. I thought that was a scene wasted and for no good reason to be aired. In fact the whole Baldwin Fisher scenario could have been left out except we know now that Womack is going for the doll at the Delia gala and of course Fen will see him and run away scared shitless.
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