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WEEK OF JULY 14 - JULY 18, 1980
After spending a love night with Julie, Doug told Lee their marriage is over. Neil warned Doug against aggravating Lee's blood pressure by asking for a divorce. Marlena and Don argued about not facing D.J.'s death, then Don split for a trip. Trish grew suspicious of David working against Leslie for Alex. Leslie was injured in a plant accident after Max ordered Hamlin to stop her interference. Julie broke off with Kellam. Neil "broke in" Liz's apartment by staying overnight. Brent forced Lee to pay his "fee" with her body, after he proved Doug and Julie's lovemaking.
WEEK OF JULY 21 - JULY 25, 1980
An anonymous caller told Leslie not to talk about her accident. Chris fired Hamlin for possible sabotage, and Chris and Mary questioned Alex's involvement with Hamlin. Mrs. Chisholm encouraged Josh and Jessica's budding romance. David took to drink. Marlena persuaded Don to attend Doug's casino opening despite Kellam's disapproval. Liz flaunted Neil to irk Kellam. Liz blabbed about finding her ex-husband in bed with another woman, which deterred Lee from crashing Doug's opening (Lee was the other woman).


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