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Feb 12 2014, 12:27 AM
Thanks. I love how Jennifer assumes there will be a reunion with Dan. Maybe, he will kick her to the curb. If JJ supposedly told Jennifer everything, Jennifer makes no sense to me. She would know that Daniel has zero interest in Teresa
I could almost respect Daniel if he rejected Jennifer and nixed the idea of a yet another reunion with her. Because it's just going to be more of the same if they get back together. More middle school drama, tantrums, and unreasonable ultimatums. Jen-Jen morphing into Bitchifer and shrieking at him every time he interacts with a woman she doesn't like. Thinking the worst of him on the basis of little to no evidence. Judging and condemning him without full knowledge of the facts. And throwing her "more perfect" suitors in his face whenever he fails to live up to her inflated expectations. And refusing to accept any responsibility for problems in the relationship. In short, she's going to give Daniel the same treatment she gave Jack for years, and expect him to just take it, as Jack too often did. It's significant that the spoiler doesn't mention Jennifer feeling remorse or asking for forgiveness and another chance--she's too busy obsessing over Theresa again. Seriously, what's it going to take for TIIC to end this wretched infetchuation? If this dreary duo hasn't caught on in almost 3 years, they're not going to catch on now. It's ridiculous that the show doesn't seem to have a Plan B for these characters, especially Jennifer, whose history is far more substantial than Daniel's.
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