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Feb 12 2014, 07:47 AM
Feb 12 2014, 07:19 AM
The fact that it's the week of the 24th and he's still saying the same thing he says this week makes me think that next week they might have sex again, or else why would he continue to 'try' to end things....Ej you might want to stop telling her to stay around you...you know that MIGHT help the situation ...and isn't the week of the 24th when Ben makes his arrival? Yeah, I don't see her turning cray, I just see her trying to prove to Ej during the next two weeks that he'll be missing out. Very typical reaction from someone who thought that Ej genuine wants her, regardless of his committment to Sami. Let's face it she has reason to believe he wants her, regardless of what comes out of his mouth, his actions speak another languange altogether.
Yes, its like he is half heartedly telling her to stay away, because if Abigail was really becoming a serious problem for him, he would no longer think of sparing her feelilngs. He would end up being just as threatening to her as he was with Adrianne, and if that didn't work there is always fatha. So, I doubt they will be making Abigail crazy, and she would have to be crazy to want to mess with the Dimeras. At the moment she thinks EJ is just misunderstood and is not as bad as he makes out.
I don't think he considers her a serious problem yet.....he has only now tried to end it.....only if he becomes more firm in ending it and she proves unwilling, demanding,.or a threat to what he holds dear will a more permanent Dimera solution be required.

Yes, I agree messing with the Dimera's would be crazy

As of yet, no one except the writers, know where this is going.
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