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Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been counting your posts, likes, pm’s, and tweets to find DR Fans’ Top 10 Love Scenes. Ninety different scenes were “nominated.” See if yours made the list!

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10. Bo and Hope at Oak Alley

This scene also made our list for Hope’s best moments. This wasn’t Bo and Hope’s first attempt at making love. They’d actually tried to consummate their relationship on Hope’s birthday at the beginning of this year, but then Doug walked in and had a heart attack. That kind of put a damper on things. Shortly after this, Bo started helping to cover his brother’s fake death and began pushing Hope away to protect her. Therefore, they didn’t really get to try again until they ended up at Oak Alley. The long awaited moment was dragged on even longer thanks to Hope’s choice of wardrobe. As they began, Hope made Bo promise they would always be together.

9. Will and Sonny’s first time

Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis had already made Days’ history by becoming the show’s first gay couple. On November 14, 2012 they were featured in the show’s first same sex love scene. They had faced opposition from their parents, misunderstandings about former partners, and even a murder arrest. Basically, their story was much like any couple’s. At this point in time, it seemed like Days was going to treat them like every other couple. A year and a half later, and that might be up for debate. But no matter how many promos they’re deleted from, they still made their mark on Days’ history.

8. EJ and Sami have sex and plot

After nearly seven years of back and forth, will they or won’t they, EJ and Sami officially became a couple. Over the last year, they’ve had their share of love scenes, but the one that aired in March of 2013 was the most memorable. While in the middle of doing the need, Sami let EJ know exactly what she wanted from him. She wanted Nick Fallon gone. They continued having sex while they discussed it. This was an important moment for Ejami, signifying that Sami was not only accepting of EJ’s dark side, but more than willing to put it to good to use...at least when it benefited her!

7. Steve and Kayla on the roof

It was a hot, steamy night in Salem in July of 1987.  Steve was still on the run from being set up for the shooting of Senator Harper Deveraux.  He had been hiding in a secret room at Neil Curtis' mansion, but this time Kayla convinced him to stay.  The sexual chemistry between the characters had been heated to a boiling point by a series of timely interruptions over the past several months.  As Steve headed for the roof while Kayla stayed in the loft below, you could sense that they would not be apart for long.  Sure enough, Kayla soon appeared on the roof and Steve  offered her a knowing smile saying, "I thought you'd never get here baby."  And then the couple made love for the first time on the rooftop of the loft.  The moment was made better only by Steve's first declaration of love the following morning.  Well, the first one that Kayla was conscious for, anyway.

6. EJ and Nicole in the elevator

Sometimes it’s hard to remember this scene outside of the years’ worth of internet fighting it provided for us. During a blackout, EJ and Nicole had sex in the elevator in which they were trapped. They were both technically single at the time, but EJ had been gunning pretty hard after Sami, so much so that he even yelled out Sami’s name in the middle of everything. While this made them pause for a little while, they quickly got back to business. This particular romp also led into the beginning of the Baby Switch story that would play out for the next year and a half as this is where Miracle Baby #1 was conceived.

5. Philip and Belle

Philip and Belle had a pretty one-sided marriage from early 2005 to late 2006. It was one-sided because Belle spent that entire time still in love with Shawn. But when she reunited with Shawn in 2007, it wasn’t quite what she expected. Despite the custody battle, kidnapping, and cruise from Toronto to the South Pacific, Belle still felt a spark with Philip. After her father died (temporarily of course), Belle had a hard time ignoring her feelings, and she and Philip ended up having sex in the room over the pub...with Shawn right downstairs. Belle married Shawn a few weeks later.

4. Jack and Jennifer during the Cruise of Deception

Jack and Jennifer had been dancing around their feelings for months.  Well, actually, Jack had been dancing while Jennifer was outright pursuing.  Then in July of 1990, they found themselves sharing a job and a cabin on the cruise ship Loretta.  When the ship went down they, along with various Salemites, found themselves shipwrecked on an, apparently, deserted island.  Jennifer had been injured and, in a small cave, Jack tirelessly nursed her back to health.  As she recovered, it was clear that Jack could no longer hide his feelings.  Luckily, Jennifer's diaphragm had survived the sinking and, despite Jack's stuck zipper, the pair finally made love for the first time.  It was nowhere near a true happy ending yet as they had to overcome numerous obstacles, but it was a clear turning point for the pair.

3. John and Marlena on the Titan conference room table

This scene has the distinction of being the only one on our list to air during Primetime! Half of this scene aired during the Days “Night Sins” special. This was John and Marlena’s second time during their affair, as they couldn’t hold back after what had happened on the plane. Much like the first time, it was spur of the moment. Unfortunately for them, this was the time they were seen, as Sami famously peered in through the crack between the doors. This scene set off over a decade’s worth of story (more if you count Will’s seeing Sami and EJ), and it’s still referenced and flashed-back-to from time to time.

2. EJ and Abigail

There’s something to be said for a scene’s being fresh on everyone’s minds! Earlier this year, EJ found a new way to keep Abigail from talking to Hope. Or did he? We still don’t know where this story is going, and much of the Days chatter right now is about what this pair’s scenes mean or don’t mean. Whether either one of them cares about the other or not, they’ve had a steady stream of sex scenes over the last few weeks, and this one was the start.

1. John and Marlena on the plane

This one won by a landslide!  Prior to this scene, John and Marlena had not made love since John was Roman back in 1986.  So it had been almost seven years between love scenes, and this scene certainly reflected that sexual tension.  Marlena came back to Salem in 1991, while John (who then thought he was Roman) was engaged to Isabella. As they were dealing with that, the real Roman showed up, and shortly after, Isabella announced she was pregnant.  The couples consequently went their separate ways, but John and Marlena’s attraction to each other was still there under it all.  After Isabella’s death, John and Marlena became even closer, and finally John decided he couldn’t fight his attraction for Roman’s wife while living in Salem. He told everyone that he was leaving.  But Marlena just couldn’t let him go, and she showed up on his private plane just as it was delayed by a storm.  They both fought back tears, Marlena touched John's hand, and the rest is history.

And in case you were wondering, here are five that almost made the list!
Lucas and Sami, April 2004

EJ and Sami, May 2008

John and Marlena in New Orleans

Brady and Chloe’s 1st time

John and Marlena at Hot Springs
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