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Marlena and Belle-Mother and Daughter

Nicole Walker
Feb 13 2014, 08:47 PM
I don't know how to describe. She said John what are we doing and then she tried to get up and he just pushed her back down. Loved it!
Technically, John didn't push her back down. She lifted her head up and asked "What are we doing?" John says "What we've been wanting to do for weeks." Then he goes into kiss her as Marlena lays her head back down. John didn't push her down and his hands were already on her shoulders making it appear that he pushed her back down, but he really didn't. I've seen that scene enough to know that.

I'm so happy that John and Marlena are on this list twice and also have two honorable mentions. :yahoo: That is one of the many reasons I love them so much. With scenes like that, it's a crime against nature that these two aren't together right now. I mean these two not only have a passionate relationship but an emotional one as well. They are meant to be together, they are soulmates. They were from the first time they shook hands in Shenanigan's all those years ago. You don't end up on a list like this TWICE for no reason! TomSell really dropped the ball when he broke up J&M and I hope that they will eventually get back together. Because two people like J&M can't be apart for long, their attraction is just too strong. I mean look at all the times they have reunited over the years and their love has survived and gotten stronger than before so this time should be no exception. :smile:

Thanks for this list! It's awesome! Good job! :hail: :applause:
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