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Feb 14 2014, 08:15 AM
Why does KM feel the need again to speak to viewer opinion? We are not giving enough credit to chemistry?

I can appreciate chemistry. It's why I remained an EJami fan for years when the writing told me not to be. If this story had come about without EJ's story of the past 7 years or Abby's story of the past couple of years, my perception may be different. I saw it so it's not. It has nothing to do with chemistry because the chemistry isn't enough for me to override the WTF'ery of it all.

Kate honey, please just comment on the story and leave the viewers opinions on it to the viewers. If you are forced to answer a question about viewer opinion, please give a PC answer. See many of your fellow co-stars for how to tread. Seriously, catch a clue.
i think she is commenting on the story. I don't think she meant the chemistry between her and James, but the "actual" chemistry between EJ & Abby. It more sounded to me she was saying that for people in EJ & Abby's situation, chemistry matters for them when deciding to further the affair or not.
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