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Viewing Single Post From: Emergency Recast for Y&R's Kelly?
Sammie Jo
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Feb 9 2014, 03:59 PM
I've never been an Billy Abbott lover. To spoiled and rich and entitled . John & Jill spoiled him from the day he was born during John's old age.
He's been to much of a good time Charlie, happy go lucky, every time the sun shines it shines for me type of fellow. Irresponsible to the max. I like adult men. He does bad shit and knows he can get Victurdia to think the moon is made of mozzarella cheese and day is really night.
If you recall he boffed Sharon on his wedding day think it was. Then , he followed up with gambling, having 2 kids with other women, wonder what he plans for an encore. Rich chicks like her wouldn't put up with that shit. She's desperate or he's got something going I can't see. ROFLMAO
To each his own.............
That was his wedding day to Chloe, wasn't it? Not that it matters, but that was many years ago.
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