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Feb 15 2014, 05:00 PM
A few episodes ago, Gabi let Nick hold Ari. She told Sonny. Sonny told Gabi that it's a good thing Will didn't see this, or Will would've wanted to kill Nick.

Question: Did Sonny ever tell Will that Gabi let Nick hold Ari?

During the engagement lovemaking afterglow, Sonny said the most important day of his life was the day Ari was born, and the second-most-important day was this engagement day. Sonny and Will talked about how when they marry, Sonny will officially become Ari's stepdad, and the two men and the baby would be officially a real family. And that Gabi would still live with them.

If the implication is that Sonny is Ari's third parent, then ... shouldn't Sonny have told Will that Gabi let Nick hold Ari? If the two guys discuss this privately, then hopefully Sonny will help Will calm down a bit ... and hopefully both of them will speak with Gabi and say that Nick's involvement is absolutely unacceptable.

Another point: Nick told Kate, Sami, and Gabi that he knows what they did to him at the river. And there are pictures.
Question: Have the three women told Sonny and Will that Nick and Percy know everything? I think it's important that guys are aware that Nick knows.

Oh. ... I see the new spoiler ...
Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Sonny and Gabi get into a heated fight when he accuses her of throwing Kate and Sami under the bus.

I gather this means that somehow Sonny will find out that Nick knows? Does Gabi tell him?

Does Sonny learn how Nick is manipulating Gabi into thinking that the "push-Nick-into-river" idea was Sami and Kate's and now she wants to "be nice" to Nick?

I'm thinking that Gabi says something -- or somebody says something ... that triggers Sonny into being angry.

Once Sonny learns Gabi's viewpoint, will he tell Will?

And I'm still wondering if WilSon will be told that both Nick and Percy know everything and have pictures.

Feb 16 2014, 09:29 AM
If Will does find out, I hope he goes straight to Lucas like he asked Will to if Nick pulled anything else. He seemed to take Lucas seriously and agreed that he would. He just might this time considering that Nick and Percy blackmailed their way into Mad World.
Oh yes, good thinking. Would love to see Lucas protect Will and Ari!
I wonder when Lucas will find out about Kambi throwing Nick in the river?

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