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You know, I'm really liking what they are doing with respect to Sonny and Gabi. He has reason not to like her (and reason to like her) so it's a complicated relationship. Sonny is a good guy, but he's a young guy and probably doesn't have a clue how women in abusive relationships behave, so Gabi must look stupid to him for interacting with Nick at all. However, she's not stupid but rather terrified of Nick and hoping that if she's good enough and nice enough, he'll turn back into the person she was in love with and she won't have to be afraid anymore. I really hope that if Gabi does meet her end at Nick's hands, which is what I predict, that Sonny will have to deal with the fallout of trying to help but pushing her toward Nick rather than away.

Sonny has been accused of being too saintly, and this situation might add some really interesting layers to his character.
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