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Feb 16 2014, 03:10 PM
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I'd rather they kill Victor off if he's truly leaving the show
But not before he divorces Maggie. I don't want her living in the Kiriakis mansion having endless conversations about how awesome Daniel is, how much she's worried about him or talking about his love life. Maybe Justin becomes the Kiriakis patriarch. Better yet, let Victor take Maggie with him on cruises. I just want Maggie gone. Maybe then we'll get rid of Daniel.
Sending Victor off on cruises is not good for anyone, even if it gets rid of Maggie. Victor basically has to die. He built an empire in Salem. The only off-screen exit I could see for Victor would be if HE retired to Greece.

I agree that I don't want Maggie running the Kiriakis Mansion and Empire. I think Justin should step up and be the head of it, but I would like to see a battle between Justin, Brady, Justin's kids, etc. over who would be in charge of everything. Obviously Philip would HAVE to come back for that story so if JKJ isn't willing to come back they would have to recast, its a must if they go this route. Sadly its probably too soon to hope for Bo's return because he should be a major part of that story too. Kate, Vivian and Maggie should go at it too. Maybe Kate and Vivian had stipulations in their marriages that certain parts of Titan went to them once Victor was dead or retired. There's too much potential here, but really I don't want Victor to go anywhere unless John is really done and wants to move to Greece.
Wasn't there a very recent casting call for an upper-middle age business man? Something about being strong in the board room?

Okay, sorry. Just found it:

Nelson Branco ‏@nelliebranco
#DAYS Casting News:
ethnicities Pretentious ChairOfBoard; chauvinist; PRINCIPAL, STRONG ACTOR
Shinn was the name of the DE board member that Ejustin had to win over at the very end. So he's a chauvinist. Wonder if this has something to do with Sami's role at DE?
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