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Feb 15 2014, 09:58 AM
Kate does need some penis. But I want her to have Stefano's penis or Roman's...lol

Wow. Them's shitty pickins. You must really hate her. ;)

EJ and Kate were my JAM when he first came to town. Now THAT is the kind of no-strings-attached sex that she's capable of and should've had with stupid Rafe.

And to add to this quickly evolving "EJ's a slut convo," the thing that baffles me is that EJ used to own this (see the above video). He used to relish in it and seemingly enjoy living his life that way. Then he started with this string of monogamous relationships, and now he seems miserable. He would be so much happier and fulfilled if he'd just realize that he's not a one-woman man and needs to seek out relationships that are monogam-ish, as Dan Savage puts it. And there are plenty of people who live life that way and plenty of women who would agree to it, because they want the exact same thing. But, sadly, for all the 'modernizing' the show is trying to do, I don't believe they'd ever become this realistic and sex-positive.
I need someone to find me the clip after that...

The one where Kate finds out John has been watching her and EJ on the surveilance camera.
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