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Probably not surprising but I disagree at least on Kate not being strong enough. I think she's doing a fantastic job with all of this: the vulnerability, the sexiness, the confusion, the guilt.

But I don't want to see Abigail pregnant. It's just so....not necessary for this story.
I believe it would be a valuable learning experience for Abby.
Im sure Abby already knows having unprotected sex can result in a baby. As I'm sure EJ knows it too. If a baby does wind up showing up, it won't be a PSA about unprotected sex. It will be because the writers can't resist the idea of a Dimera/Horton baby.
I totally agree with your assessment of Kate Mansi's acting skills.I liked her in the Austin story line but I love her in her current storyline.I hope the writer's don't resist the thought of a Horton-DiMera baby because I like the thought of the Horton princess having a baby with the son of the prince of darkness but I want to see KM and JS in the roles.Who is to say how long either will remain with Days.I want to see the story with them in the roles and the only way to ensure that is for the baby to be born sooner rather than later.I don't want that story with a recast of Abby or EJ.Just think back to EJ walking into the church proper toward Abby and talking to her while Abby was holding little Ari.I really loved the low voices they used and the way Ari looked back and forth at them while they were speaking.The three of them looked really great together and Abby looked so natural holding Ari.I know this reads gushy but I really liked that scene.
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