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While Sami may not have known about the exact nature of EJ's relationship with Nicole,she did know that she was married to a man who loved her so much he agreed to adopt her baby to help her,sacrificed his FBi career to be with her,helped her to cover up an attempted murder by her,found her daughter for her that she had thought died, fought with his own sister over Sami just before his sister died,went to look at the body of a dead boy to spare her in case it was her son,and was looking for her son while she was having ugly animalistic clothes on sex with a man who had tortured him.That is one of the reasons I despise her and I will never feel bad about EJ and Abby having sex while she and EJ are engaged.I really want Rafe,Lucas,and Nicole to find out about the affair.
Well yes, but she did pay for that in relation to Rafe. He dumped her. Plus, her son hated her for months. We were talking about cheaters being faced with the consequences of their actions. And Sami had to deal with the consequences of her cheating, so I don't think she will hesitate to make EJ and Abby pay for their cheating.
I hope Abby gets the same kind of consequences Sami received after cheating on Rafe.She got Lucas after breaking up his engagement to Autumn then left him and her precious kids without a backward look to go on the run with EJ after getting her son to aid in EJ's escape from lawful custody.She got Rafe back and would probably still have him if he had not objected to her getting in his pregnant younger sister's face and calling her a bitch.She got EJ ,a promotion in a company to an executive,and an engagment ring.The son who hated her for a few months is now the biggest cheerleader for her relationship with a man he tried to kill.
Minus the kate tried to kill Chloe.aside that abby should get the Chloe treatment when she she cheated on Lucas.will and sonny can challenge their inner Maggie in them bake Abby cake like Maggie did to Chloe
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