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On Monday, Kristian, Deidre, Daniel, Ali, Galen, and the Kunitz twins worked. Michael Benyaer (Dr. Chyka) and Meredith Scott Lynn ran into each other at Best Buy. Guy loved Will’s passion and Sonny’s fearlessness.

Jane Kunitz @JaneKunitz
JohnnyD action in Salem this week #DAYS #DOOL

KJAlfonso: Happy Monday http://pic.twitter.com/P8mzdZBy1B
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KJAlfonso: Here's another a lot happens in the Brady pub http://pic.twitter.com/GUWBqkRBOK
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Alison Sweeney @Ali_Sweeney
Thanks #safe fans for the yummy choc treats & thoughtful heart boxes! @galengering & I love them!!
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DeidreHall: Cute scenes....Fun day!!! http://fb.me/2XUVWaNqj

DeidreHall: Cute....cute....CUTE!!! http://fb.me/6ijiNJpqy

Michael Benyaer: Never know who u'll run into @BestBuy @MeredithSLynn my fellow #days co-star, also played my wife in a movie #chyka
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Guy Wilson @THEguywilson 13m
.@PersonalShipper I love Will's passion and I love Sonny's fearlessness #Days #WilSon

On Tuesday Kristian, Deidre, Kassie, Ali, Joe, and Josh worked. Part of the pic looked like it might be a wedding. Part of the pic did not. Casey tweeted something that may or may not be related to Days. Freddie and Guy bantered about WilSon. Ari celebrated 16 years at Days. Jen had lunch with Martha Madison, watched Emmy reels, and was grateful to be on a soap.

KJAlfonso: ; )))) http://pic.twitter.com/24T4PbMJjo
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Deidre Hall
"Yummy day with my girl!!"

Deidre Hall

Kassie DePaiva @KassieDePaiva
I'm having a great day of work... So happy to be here #days #DaysOfOurLives !! Start watching
#oltl ers!!

freddie smith @freddiemsmith 5m
Does anyone know if Wilson is on today? Yes I am a Wilson but strictly to watch @THEguywilson the other guy Sonny not so much

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson 1m
.@freddiemsmith I was just gonna ask the same question...not too keen on Will, though, more of a Sonny kinda guy myself...

Arianne Zucker @Ari_Zucker 39m
Is today the day Nicole walk into Salem place 16 years ago?

Arianne Zucker @Ari_Zucker 3m
...and there it is! RT @EjoleBricoleFan: @Ari_Zucker http://youtu.be/I9bZmZ-rDho Amazing-Ari!

Casey Moss @1CaseyMoss 17m
Rockin out! \m/ http://instagram.com/p/kSr9QHhQnW/
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Just had lunch with the hilarious @Marth27. Love her. She's like food for my soul. Still laughing. Xoxo

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley 5m
Just finished watching all the Emmy reels. I feel like I just took a master class in acting. Daytime's on fire! #Days #GH #BB #YR #OLTL #AMC

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley 2h
But seriously, how did I get so lucky that I'm on a soap? #pinchme

On Wednesday Galen, Chrishell, and Alison Paige worked. Rate and Jafe got Valentines fan gifts, and Galen said Days has forgotten about Rate. Kassie said she’d start airing in the summer. Freddie and Guy did an interview. Blake and Ari supported their storylines.

galen gering @galengering
Thank you #wildcats and @theLandofKoz for the delicious edibles. And don't worry #days hasn't forgot about #rate

galen gering @galengering 6m
And thank you #jafe fans for the delicious yummies as well. Pics coming...

Chrishell Stause @Chrishell7 2m
Thanks for the sweet gifts #JAFE fans! Stealing some @galengering swag ;) #DAYS http://instagram.com/p/kVSJMIgSB7/
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galen gering @galengering 1m
@Chrishell7 you can bring back my sunglasses now... #shady

Allison Paige @AllisonPaigeN 2h
Thank you @jen_lilley for my Valentine's Day treat you left in my dressing room. You are the sweetest... I may have already finished them

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley 1m
aww @AllisonPaigeN you're SO welcome! I adore you! Puppy play date stat! Happy Valentine's Day (week)! xoxo

Kassie DePaiva @KassieDePaiva 9h
“@RachelDena: @KassieDePaiva Do you know around when your first scenes will air?” Yes...early summer! Can't wait! Eve is Delicious!

Blake Berris @BlakeBerris
thanks for all the kind words about the nick storyline. loved acting it. best is yet to come #DAYS @nbcdays

Arianne Zucker @Ari_Zucker 42m
Yay!RT @kbforbes @greg_vaughan @Ari_Zucker @nbcdays Eric confessing his love for Nicole... Omg! Days is getting soooo good!

freddie smith @freddiemsmith 29m
Just had an interview with the Advocate!! It comes out tomorrow :)

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson 12m
I was there too! :) RT “@freddiemsmith: Just had an interview with the Advocate!! It comes out tomorrow :)”

freddie smith @freddiemsmith 33m
Yes let me rephrase. @THEguywilson and I had an interview with the Advocate!!

No one tweeted that they were on set. Chrishell and Kristian supported their storylines.
Days, Chrishell, and Kate celebrated Galen’s birthday. Matt Ashford did a radio interview. Guy and Freddie’s interview came out and they continued to banter about WilSon. Guy’s participation on Michael Fairman’s radio show was announced. Allison Paige was excited about the shout out she got in SOD.

cbs soapsindepth @soapsindepthcbs 13h
This Jordan/Rafe scene about "Alfred" is fantastic. I love when soaps play fun stuff. @galengering & @Chrishell7 were perfect. #DAYS

Chrishell Stause @Chrishell7 11h
@soapsindepthcbs Thank u! Those scenes were really fun-I also love when we get to do fun stuff. Too bad Jordan didn't get a pot doughnut! ;)

Days of our Lives @DaysofourLives ·
Hey there #DAYS fans! Be sure to wish @galengering a very Happy Birthday! #DOOL #NBCDAYS

Kate Mansi @KateMansi 3m
#tbt everyone wish my friend @galengering a Happy Birthday! Love this dude XO http://instagram.com/p/kXivxDwlfT/

Chrishell Stause @Chrishell7 3m
@galengering Happy Happy Birthday!!! 🎂

Matthew Ashford @matthew_ashford 36m
http://www.tradiov.com/la/ live interview today @theradiosoapbox with Martha and Lilly 2pm-call in 855-878-4652 join us!

Matthew Ashford @matthew_ashford 34m
interview with Martha Madison and Lilly Melgar on their great new show Soapbox! see you at 2pm pst!

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson 15m
.@JasePeeples @TheAdvocateMag @freddiemsmith thank you for taking the time to interview us, Jase! Such a pleasure! #Days #WilSon

freddie smith @freddiemsmith 8m
Just read the article @JasePeeples it seems like it was just yesterday we did that interview. Time flies!! #lovedit

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson 15m
Sonny Kiriakis, duh :) RT “@soapcentral: AFTERNOON DELIGHT: Which soap character would you like to be snowed in with? #snowday”

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson 11m
.@WeLoveSoapsTV thank you for this :) ... @freddiemsmith and myself are very excited for tomorrow! #Days #WilSon

Chrishell Stause @Chrishell7 7m
“@SoapDigest Poll: Are you digging the Rafe/Jordan romance on DAYS? Vote! http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/are-you-digging-rafejordan-romance-days … @nbcdays @DaysofourLives” You decide!

Allison Paige @AllisonPaigeN
Hey THANKS @soapoperadigest for this awesome little fashion write up! And a huge thanks to… http://instagram.com/p/kVJ5cGJsRK/
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Soap Opera Digest
Soap Stars On The Radio: http://soapoperadigest.com/content/soap-stars-radio … @davidtom_23 @THEguywilson

BopeLove1983: Hope looking unimpressed & annoyed after a literally messy run-in with Aiden... #Days @KJAlfonso http://t.co/K2WkA6bFJG
KJAlfonso: @BopeLove1983 lol that was a messy messy day lol lol ;))

On Friday Ali, Jen, Judi, Casey, Kristian, Lauren, Kate, Missy, Galen, Chrishell and James all worked. Ejami and Ejabby both received fan gifts, but James worked at a different time and was unavailable for pics. Guy, Freddie, Deidre, and Drake all might have worked (pics were posted but not necessarily marked as being taken on this date). A large portion of the cast wished everyone a happy Valentine’s. Kristian said the pics weren’t of an Ejami wedding. Jade said she’d love to work with Kristian and Kate. Kristian asked why Lucas hadn’t introduced Sheryl to Hope yet. Lauren wished Galen a happy belated birthday. Blake remembered Rachel Melvin. Kassie DePaiva confirmed she’s traveling back and forth from New York.

Alison Sweeney @Ali_Sweeney 1m
Thanks #EJami fans for the cookie!!! Everyone in the make up room is loving the treat. XO http://instagram.com/p/kaFuKbLZ3_/

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley 5m
For #ValentinesDay, @TheJudiEvans gave me the other half of her sandwich. It's #love #DAYS #bestValentineEver :)

Rockin the 80's hair! #JJ http://instagram.com/p/kaWbToBQmz/
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Ali_Sweeney: #HappyValentinesDay from back-stage at #days with kjalfonso & @laurenkoslow http://instagram.com/p/kaZ1o8rZ84/
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Ali_Sweeney: @KateMansi Katie!! you got gorg cupcakes from EJabbies!

Kate Mansi
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@KateMansi: http://t.co/FTnse2M3Ib @teamejabby thanks for the sweet and scandalous treats! XOXO
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Kate Mansi @KateMansi Feb 14
Unfortunately we Were in at separate times today :( RT @WeLoveEricole: @KateMansi where's James lol

Ali_Sweeney: More #happyvalentinesday backstage fun with @missyreeves4 & @katemansi http://instagram.com/p/ka0LLVLZ5-/

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Guy [email protected]
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your warm Valentine's Day wishes! @freddiemsmith #WilSon #Engaged #Days pic.twitter.com/iskCA1n1SY
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Deidre Hall @DeidreHall 2h
Happy Valentine's Day!!! http://fb.me/1bJkqI7GQ

nbcdays: Cupid struck our Instagram today too! Check out some fun #ValentinesDAYS #BTS. #DAYS http://instagram.com/nbcdays
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Jen Lilley @jen_lilley 4h
My new sounds: Gabtown Divas http://soundcloud.com/jen-lilley/gabtown-divas … on #SoundCloud

galen gering @galengering 1h
HappyValentines Day people! Now go Kiss someone-preferably someone you know. #stayouttajail

Casey Moss @1CaseyMoss 45m
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Eileen Davidson @eileen_davidson 4m
Happy Valentine's Day! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Shawn Christian @ShawnC4real 2h
Happy Valentines Day! Spread the love today. I'm piercing hearts with an x-acto knife... #Don'tAsk

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley 2h
Happy Valentine's Day! Today is all about spreading love & kindness, & nothing makes me happier! Single? Read this! pic.twitter.com/PyB7RGRaQx

Blake Berris @BlakeBerris 1m
Happy #ValentinesDay all you lovely people. muah!

Blake Berris @BlakeBerris 8m
https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/4FrGxO2Fn_M #buyAmerican @therachelmelvin i thought of you ; )

Kristian Alfonso @KJAlfonso 19m
Wishing youuu all a Beautiful Happy Valentines Day ,filled with tons of love and XO 's

Lauren Koslow @laurenkoslow 9m
#oops happy belated birthday & missed photo op!!! ⭕💋⭕🎉🎉@galengering pic.twitter.com/SJabYNzhGh
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FarahsRose: “@KJAlfonso: ; )))) http://pic.twitter.com/c6d4c3ecuu” EJami wedding? #DAYS
KJAlfonso: @FarahsRose lol no sorry ;))

saraGG14: @jade_harlow would you want to work with @KJAlfonso @KateMansi I would love see Sheryl be in Abigail and Hope.
jade_harlow: @saraGG14 @KJAlfonso @KateMansi I would love to, I have such admiration for these women both on & off screen

KJAlfonso: @jade_harlow @saraGG14 I would love to have scenes with Jade ,hmm why hasn't Lucas introduced u to Hope ? ;)

BopeLove1983: Today's Hope Brady beauty shot... :) #gorgeous (even with a few smoothie remnants...) #Days @KJAlfonso http://t.co/SjQHa2ZJXv
KJAlfonso: @BopeLove1983 lol u have a good eye,I got more of it than he did lol

Kassie DePaiva @KassieDePaiva 5h
I'm headed east to the awesome NYC... Can't wait to kiss my valentine!

BMonikaisSexy @BMonikaisSexy 6h
@kassiedepaiva are you going to relocate to CA or fly back and forth?

Kassie DePaiva @KassieDePaiva 5h
@BMonikaisSexy back and forth

✌кєℓιαн тαяgαяуєηツ @RealKDPFan4Eva 5h
@KassieDePaiva Hope your first week at #DAYS was great!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Kassie DePaiva @KassieDePaiva 5h
@RealKDPFan4Eva they were!! I'm having a blast

On Saturday, Guy and Casey hung out. Jade thinks Haiden is feisty and classy. Eric joked about his facial hair. Kate is a lady.

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson
Hittin' Hollywood w/ @1CaseyMoss puttin' the goblins to shame...

IceManNSpitFire: @jade_harlow @saraGG14 @KJAlfonso U r awesome Jade! :-) What r ur thoughts on a possible Hope & Aiden pairing? Just curious. ;-)
jade_harlow: @IceManNSpitFire @saraGG14 @KJAlfonso TY luv! Backatcha I think that is a Gorgeous couple with a feisty chemistry and a lot of class 👍

Eric Martsolf @ericmartsolf 10h
“@JoeStraight_Edg: Yo @ericmartsolf how you get your facial hair to look so cool?”
I comb and trim each one individually.

Kate Mansi @KateMansi 12h
A lady never kisses and tells. ;) RT @WeLoveEricole: @KateMansi on a scale from 1-10 how is James at kissing?

Ari and Greg got a gift, but Ari doesn’t want to share. Eileen is ready to start back.
Arianne Zucker @Ari_Zucker Feb 12
@peaceandlove371 Thank u 4 your very sweet gift & @erinkelsey 4helping. I'm not sharing with @greg_vaughan pic.twitter.com/Phzrd9ninc
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Greg Vaughan @greg_vaughan 13h
@Ari_Zucker @peaceandlove371 @ErinKelsey wait a minute?!!!! Is that chocolate??!!! I know we're to find it ;) thank you!!

Eileen Davidson ·17 h
Getting ready to start working again!!!!! Waiting for my scripts so I can start memorizing! Can't wait to see what Kristen has been up to since November.

Additionally, several actors tweeted about Ralph Waite (including Greg, Eric, Jen, and Deidre).

Days of our Lives
Monday, February 10, 2014

Thanks to Adrienne, Abigail ends up in an uncomfortable situation with Sami and EJ.

Nicole makes a shocking discovery.

Eric has an epiphany about his future.

Lucas sabotages Rafe in order to help Kate out of a tight predicament.

Days of our Lives
Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Eric reveals his life-changing decision to Nicole.

EJ and Abigail continue to be thrown together… will they be able to resist their attraction?

Kate, Gabi and Sami decide the games must end.

Will seeks advice from Marlena about Sonny.

Days of our Lives
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kate, Sami and Gabi are floored by a major revelation.

Nicole shares exciting news with Eric.

EJ encourages Abigail to move on but she can’t help wondering, “What if?”

Rafe gets an earful when he overhears a conversation between Jordan and Sheryl.

Days of our Lives
Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nicole makes a major decision regarding Eric.

Hope has messy run-in with Aiden.

Rafe and Jordan make love for the first time.

EJ surprises Sami with a necklace, and she has a surprise for him in return.

Days of our Lives
Friday, February 14, 2014

Hope delivers news to Eric, Nicole and Daniel about Dr. Chyka.

JJ feels confident about his sentence hearing – until a mischievous Theresa arrives.

Victor tries to lay down the law with Brady – with disastrous results.

Will gives Sonny a special Valentine’s Day surprise.

DVR Alerts:
Thursday: Things heat up with Jordan and Rafe.
Friday: Will makes Sonny’s Valentine’s Day extra special.

SOD Articles
Abigail can't let EJ go
JJ confesses to Jennifer
Theresa to Daniel: Have sex with me

Odds and Ends
True O'Brien is joining Days as Paige on March 3
Berlyn and Brooklyn Baca are the new Sydney
Ratings were up over last year and the previous week
Rumors are going around that John Aniston is leaving
The promo was of EJ/Abby/Sami
Ralph Waite passed away
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