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That he can confirm that Kristin did admit to drugging and raping Eric, Dr Chyka was the one who provided the drugs and, that Kristen made the tape so that Eric can have his good name restored and go back to the priesthood if he wishes.
I don't see why EJ needs to spell out what Sami, and everyone else, already knows. Everyone knows Kristen made the video. Everybody knows who Chyka is, now. And now that EJ is admitting that Kristen's actions were unconscionable, that means he's admitting that she raped him. That, paired with Eric's enthusiasm in the video, means that he was drugged. Eric can't get back into the priesthood on EJ's word. He needs the proof Nicole is hiding.
Can't they use him as a witness?

Wouldn't having someone who could say I had a conversation with X where they admitted Y stand up in court. Particularly if it is corroborated by the evidence of the flashdrive.

The court has nothing to do with it, and the flash drive doesn't corroborate Eric's story, which is why he's in this mess to begin with. If EJ comes forward at this point, it's his word against the sister he barely knows, in favor of the brother of his fiancee. The church already believes Eric's story, but they want solid proof that he was raped, so they won't have to deal with a nother church scandal, so IDK if EJ's word would do much good. EJ could have made a difference if he spoke up a long time ago and told everyone that he saw Kristen talking to a doctor named Chyka and gave a description of him (assuming he saw Chyka when he was eavesdropping on Kristen's conversation), but that ship has sailed.
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