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Feb 17 2014, 10:59 AM
Feb 16 2014, 10:04 PM
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Feb 16 2014, 08:03 PM
Feb 16 2014, 07:47 PM

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Remember when EJ said to Ian that he found Kate a forgetable lover? I bet he won't say the same about Abby. :D

Gee I don't if she was that good, he would not have dumped her ass on Valentine day of all day. I figured she is a lousy lay or he would have dumped Sami for her instead.

Feb 16 2014, 07:47 PM
Feb 16 2014, 06:50 PM

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Whatever... Lumi's marriage was the only one not of convenience or in name only and Ej inserted himself into that. If Abby does the same with Ejami, Ej might find it a turn on. That little girl has rocked Ej's world since Jan while Sami hasn't...that's a fact that no one can take away. As I've heard and pretty much agreed for years now, I watch soaps as a form of escapism and Ejabby is actually interesting as we don't know what the future plan is.

I have to agree about Ej LOL. There is no way around it, he did break up lumi's marriage. he schemed, lied, blackmailed you name it to steal Sami from Lucas. :lol:

Still I doubt he will be amused when it is being done to him. Granted this version of Ej is merely a plot point so no one can really understand his character's motivation, but I still don't think Ej will appreciate Abby trying to sabotage his relationship with Sami and his future with his family.

I think right now he feels guilty for using her. He sees her as some naive girl that he took advantage of which is why he is trying to let her down easy. It won't work because the girl is already obsessed. To get rid of her, he is going to stop treating her with kid gloves and tell her to get lost. Some people can't take the hint.

As for Eskabby sex, why would Ej dump her ass if the sex was so great? if he has feelings for her and the sex he is so good, why is he still fighting to be with Sami when he can have his easylay. For someone who has rocked his world, he sure does not seem too eager to hold on to her or the sex.

I am going to go on a limb and say that Ej screwed her because he was lonely and horny. it would have been the same as if he hired a call girl. It would have been a smarter move actually because you can pay the prostitute to leave, yet he does not seem to be able to get rid of Abbyfail no matter what he does, she keeps clinging.
If you believe what Ej has said about the affair, he hasn't taken advantage of her (at least according to him).....

Seriously...I can see why Abby would be confused in this and I can see why she would have questions about what Ej really wants and if that's her or not. If she was really a mistake as he claimed, then he wouldn't continue doing her over adn over again. If he wanted to be with Sami he would have stopped the affair at the one night stand level. He didn't and he not only enjoyed himself sexually he's also made every attempt to have Abby not feel like she was just a piece of ass.....he had kind words for her, defended her when someone thought she could be brought, stayed with her in the cabin for round 2, followed her into the storage room and before he got there and locked the door he had already taken off his tie, he told her to lock the door when she came into the shower the other day, and he continues to tell her to "Stay" when he realistically should be trying to avoid every possible 'alone' time with her. If I were Abby I'd wonder if he really wants to stay with Sami also.....
Abby would be confused ONLY if she's a colossal moron or self deluded and desperate. She's not a neglected 16 year who mistakes sex for affection and love. She should be old enough to know that you can feel an intense and sudden attraction to somebody you hardly know, but that does not mean he cares about you or he'll turn his life upside down for you. If Abby takes all the cover your ass conversations she's been having with EJ as an indication of his feelings for her then she's an idiot. All they showed us so far is intense sexual desire and nothing else. And yes, you can have sexual desire for someone else while in love with another person.
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