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Wednesday, February 19
Sonny accuses Gabi of throwing Kate and Sami under the bus.
Sonny, STFU! If not for Kate & Sami, Nick wouldn't have the upper hand right now. They're the ones that convinced Gabi that it would be better if they tossed his body in the river instead of calling the police.
This is true. It was Kate's idea and Sami agreed. Gabi of course followed along with the others.
Which was so stupid. Half the town saw Gabi and Nick argue and Gabi walk away from him. That means that Nick followed her into the woods after Gabi ended the confrontation. If they'd called the cops right then the cops could have asked around and gotten witness statements to back up Gabi's version of events.
And, even now, the fact that Nick never reported the attempted murder but instead is blackmailing them all...basically doesn't make him look like much of a credible witness. Sure, the pictures look bad, but Nick is alive and well and if he took the crime seriously, he wouldn't be blackmailing them. A good lawyer could get those pictures thrown out, given that Percy is colluding with Nick in the blackmail.

I felt the same way when Theresa was blackmailing JJ...nothing he did even comes close to her blackmailing a kid trying to go straight into procuring her drugs for her. I can't imagine a judge not being grateful that JJ told the truth so he could put Theresa, a fully grown, adult, incorrigible criminal, in prison.
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