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Feb 17 2014, 01:30 PM
Feb 17 2014, 01:13 PM
I agree about his performances and I'm not excusing his lack of enthusiasm, but I absolutely blame the writers because that entire storyline - including Kristen's return - was absolute tripe. :flipoff:

You said "eventually" - I am completely HERE for the storyline - gimme it - all of it. From angst & arguing, throwing pillows in frustration, yelling, screaming, sniping, bickering, accusing...fantasies, forgiveness, realizations...give it all the words you want and I'll sit down and savor every morsel of it like a beagle on a bagel (trust me...they love em).

I'll watch Days - I'm no "fair weather fan", but John & Marlena remind me of my parents...they've been through a LOT, but through it all, never lost what brought them together. Does that make me a pathetic, romantic sap? :wub2: Probably - and I can live with that. :peace:
Normally, I could get behind blaming the writers. But Drake was actually okay in the scenes that were the most OOC (the ones with Kristen). It was the other stuff that he slept through.
And those were the scenes nobody wanted to see.
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