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Since this is only her second sexual experience and she made a point of initially waiting for the right person, I don't agree that she would know the difference in those things. This is how she'll find out. But she's not stupid and delusional for not having had that experience yet. Naive, yes.
She should because EJ never showed her anything resembling love. So far they've been having sex in semi public places and once at her family's cabin. It's not like he's wined and dined her or filled her head with sweet nothings. What indication does she have that he's in love with her? If she's na´ve then she'll be more interested in someone wooing her, not mister "will you just hurry up and leave please."
Right. But since it has actually been established that she equates sex with love, then she wouldn't see a difference at this point. Just because she's wrong, doesn't mean that's not her literal point of view.

And again. Naivete isn't stupid. If she continues to believe this way after this incident, that's when she'll be stupid.
I am actually disputing the point that she equates sex with love. If she did, why didn't she convince herself she loved Chad? Why was it easy for her to dumb him when he was at precarious point with his health? Why did she sleep with Chad even though she was supposedly in love with Cameron?

I really hate this stupid character, I don't know why I am spening all this time analysing her motives.
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