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Viewing Single Post From: Guy Wilson Talks The “Days” Gay Engagement

Feb 17 2014, 09:38 PM
Days is giving lots of exclusives to the gay press (sorry, lack of a better term.) It will help promote the story among that community, but at the same time it shows that they view this as 'not ready for prime time', imo.
Why I have to find the interview answers almost contradictory. The actors are trying to say how much credit is supposed to be given to NBC. Way I see it, NBC has gone backward with the gay story. Days has moved forward but I don't feel that NBC supports it as much as they once did. The removal of Will and Sonny from the Valentine's promo says it all. Will's first kiss and the coming out story was heavily promoted even in the mainstream press. Now the wedding and everything else Wilson is being promoted almost only in gay outlets. I think it's really sad. Yes, I give the actors and Days lots of credit but NBC I give no credit to right now, especially based on what Jude seemed to be indicating. Yes, I get they could just do away with the gay story but and they have't but it seems to me the homophobes are the only ones they care about pleasing. It also seems like Will and Sonny's story is so limited and what they are involved in is barely being promoted, except in certain gay outlets. They obviously fear Wilson being promoted in the mainstream media and fear Wilson leading their own story.
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