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S loves EJ

Feb 17 2014, 03:14 PM
Feb 17 2014, 12:13 PM
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Abby would be confused ONLY if she's a colossal moron or self deluded and desperate. She's not a neglected 16 year who mistakes sex for affection and love. She should be old enough to know that you can feel an intense and sudden attraction to somebody you hardly know, but that does not mean he cares about you or he'll turn his life upside down for you. If Abby takes all the cover your ass conversations she's been having with EJ as an indication of his feelings for her then she's an idiot. All they showed us so far is intense sexual desire and nothing else. And yes, you can have sexual desire for someone else while in love with another person.
Since this is only her second sexual experience and she made a point of initially waiting for the right person, I don't agree that she would know the difference in those things. This is how she'll find out. But she's not stupid and delusional for not having had that experience yet. Naive, yes.
I can see how somebody who is only on their second sexual partner and who wore her virginity around her neck as a prize wouldn't get it. Of course, she confuses sex and love because she was taught to equate sex with love. Personally, I think EJ's actions are very clear. He was nice to her and enjoyed the sex while he was on the outs with Sami. Now that he's back with Sami, he'd like Abby to quietly go away but he wishes her no ill will. Pretty typical affair stuff and anybody that has been around the block a few times would get that. But Abby is young and naïve, so she simply doesn't. That's obviously another reason EJ shouldn't have had a purely sexual affair with somebody so young and so different from himself. He bought himself even more trouble by not picking a mature women for this sexual tryst.

An older woman may not have made a difference look at Kate she canīt seem to let Rafe go.
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