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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

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Abby would be confused ONLY if she's a colossal moron or self deluded and desperate. She's not a neglected 16 year who mistakes sex for affection and love. She should be old enough to know that you can feel an intense and sudden attraction to somebody you hardly know, but that does not mean he cares about you or he'll turn his life upside down for you. If Abby takes all the cover your ass conversations she's been having with EJ as an indication of his feelings for her then she's an idiot. All they showed us so far is intense sexual desire and nothing else. And yes, you can have sexual desire for someone else while in love with another person.
Since this is only her second sexual experience and she made a point of initially waiting for the right person, I don't agree that she would know the difference in those things. This is how she'll find out. But she's not stupid and delusional for not having had that experience yet. Naive, yes.
She should because EJ never showed her anything resembling love. So far they've been having sex in semi public places and once at her family's cabin. It's not like he's wined and dined her or filled her head with sweet nothings. What indication does she have that he's in love with her? If she's na´ve then she'll be more interested in someone wooing her, not mister "will you just hurry up and leave please."
Given the way Ej shows anything resembling love to his partners from the get go, how would Abby actually know that he's not showing her love? Frankly, let's see....Ej terrorized Sami, raped her, blackmailed her into marrying him, kidnapped her kid, put doppelganger of her hubby in her bed, and all that in Ej's mind now translates to love, because he managed to have Sami fall for him regardless of his past deeds while claiming to love her throughout all the bad times. Given this example, why wouldn't Abby think that the way Ej is treating her now can materialize into something more meaningful for them? Let's be realistic here, he's not doing anything all that bad in her eyes at the moment to her...if he loved Sami he wouldn't be fucking Abby...at the very least and add the mix signals and the past history with Ejami and Ejole that she can take from it, she definitely thinks she has a shot of having Ej fall in love with her.
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