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Feb 18 2014, 09:22 AM
Feb 18 2014, 04:30 AM
Feb 17 2014, 06:11 PM
Feb 17 2014, 05:09 PM

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Yep. If he cheats WITH you, he'll cheat ON you.
Sometimes people grow apart without realizing this is happening.I don't agree that a person who is unfaithful once will be unfaithful again although I do believe it in EJ's case because he is a serial cheater.I believe if the attraction to the other person is great,that person is more likely to throw caution to the winds,enjoy it while it lasts,and
when its over,its over.I can understand that Abby would be hurt when seeing a PDA between EJ and Sami.Its one thing to know that he loves Sami,likely engages in loving and affectionate behavior toward her,and plans to marry her but quite another to actually witness it.I like that EJ told her that she knew that he loved Sami because he actually never lied to Abby about his love for Sami,in fact he told her they were just fine before they had sex at the cabin.
I don't think Abby is going to blackmail EJ into having sex with him or threaten to tell Sami about their affair.In fact I think she is going to lie to Sami to keep the secret.I also think when EJ does finallly make it clear to Abby that the sex is over,I believe she will accept his decision and move on even though she won't like it.
It is fine for Abby to be upset upon seeing ejami in a private moment (although she should not be since she knew the deal from the get go), but she should have enough pride and dignity to deal with it on her own like big girl instead of whining to ej about it. It makes her look needy and pathetic and it is appealing.

I believe Ej already made it clear that it was over between them. I guess he is going to have to be blunt for her to get. Some people can't take a hint.
Yes, it was made clear that this was a one time lapse after the first time in the cabin...and that it could never happen again after the second time there.... Then there was the supply closet, where he followed her inside and locked the door...then the shower room, where she followed him in and he told her to lock the door. Now his fiancée has had her bake cupcakes for their kid, and it is clear that it has to be over. She tells him she hates herself but still doesn't want it to be over. He assures her she is not a bad person for what they have done....

Seems like the girl is taking the hints and just ignoring the :blah:

She is responding to her own sexuality and she's trying to understand how men approach sex and love. She was brought up to ask questions...so she wants to know...did he love his fiancée at all those moments? Why did he cheat on his fiancée with her?

She's not pathetic yet to me. Where it goes from there...well...yet to be seen.
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