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Feb 18 2014, 03:43 PM
Feb 18 2014, 02:19 PM
I must be wearing some serious shipper shades for the first time in my life because I haven't seen crazy Abby yet. I think people are so hellbent on this turning into a FA story that they are just seeing it take place but it isn't. She did give off clingy vibes today but that isn't crazy. She asks EJ the tough questions and he doesn't give answers. Yeah he has said that he loves Sami and just wants to be with her and that Abby needs to move on, but he also said they were a mistake and couldn't happen again then did.

I'm not saying Abby isn't lowering herself to keep sleeping with an engaged man, who is trying to push her away, but it isn't coming off nearly as stalkerish or crazy as some are acting. Again maybe my shipper shades are a little tinted here because I'm not seeing it.

Translation: The writers aren't ready to let this story end. At this point, I don't know where there're planning on going with this storyline. I agree, I don't think Abby is crazy. I think she's just confusing lust with something else.
I am not saying she is crazy.... yet. But she is starting to act like a stalker. She keeps seeking Ej out after he made it clear it is over. She is making threats and berating him and questioning his love for Sami. She has that obsessed vibe going on. I definitely think she is headed straight for crazyville.
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