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Feb 18 2014, 11:27 PM
I hope that TomSell weren't implying that ejami are in any way comparable to Wilson. Will and Sonny's words were true and about an actual love story that we saw on screen. IMO, trying to compare Wilson's love to Ejami's whitewashed story does a great disservice to the first gay couple to be married in daytime television, and if that's what the writers were going for, I think that is truly disrespectful to the work FS, CM, and GW have put into building their characters story.

Sami's letters were the opposite of what we saw on screen. These writers threw red paint on a rotting apple instead of dealing with the rot until they could try growing a new tree from it.

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I don't think they are implying that at all. I believe it rings much more true for Wilson because they are young, have been through a lot together and haven't done near the things to one another that EJami has. It took me seeing it the second time to really pick up on the similar language and understand Sami's reaction to it all.

I think, for once, the writers used that monologue for 2 purposes and actually did it well without knocking us over the head with it. It was completely appropriate in the context of Wilson's relationship. And it struck a chord in Sami for different reasons. It would be nice if the writing/acting/direction were more subtle like this more often.
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