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Feb 18 2014, 04:45 PM
Feb 18 2014, 04:28 PM
Feb 18 2014, 03:58 PM
I don't think there is any question who Ej is in love with. I will certainly miss the way James Scott portrays that love when he is in scenes with Alison Sweeney.
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he looks like he's sleeping, and coming from someone who hasn't seen the episode, he could just as easily be imagining that that's Abby behind him and not Sami.
I didn't see anything that would indicate that he was wishing that was Abigail and I did watch the show. I will just hold truth that JS said he has always portrayed Ej as being in love with Sami even when the script tells him not to. Ej wants Sami.
Besides that, if Ej really wants Abby why in the world is he cutting her loose? He could continue banging her in every dark corner in Salem if he feels like it. She certainly is willing being that she has no self respect.

I could understand if Ej was some kind of good guy with strong morals wanting to do right by Sami. But Ej is a selfish prick who goes after he wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. He certainly had no problem going after sami while she was committed to lucas. Let's say he does not want to hurt Sami. Hmmm, he certainly never had a problem with hurting Sami before when it suited him, it is hard to believe that someone like EJ would sacrifice what he wants to spare Sami's feelings. Why would he care since Sami had already checked out of the relationship since before the sleazy romp? let's say he is afraid to lose his kids. oh wait, he has leverage on Sami for attempting to murder Nick, so he could pretty use that to have full custody of his kids.

Honestly I am at a lost as to why he would fight for his relationship with Sami while secretely wanting the little girl knowing how difficult and high maintenance Sami can be while abby keeps throwing herself at him like sex is going out of style. I am willing to keep an open mind if somebody explains to me why would Ej give up abby for Sami if he secretly wants the little girl? Please break it down to me as if I were six year old.
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