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Feb 19 2014, 12:32 AM
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I know what you mean. The moment Sami put her hands on EJ's shoulders was played to perfection by James.

If anyone else were playing EJ and Sami, I probably wouldn't have lasted more than six months after I started watching again in 2009.

Chemistry is subjective. But what's not subjective is fan reaction, and usually two actors with zero chemistry don't ignite the level of passion in fans that ejami has (both positive and negative).

Ejami's scenes were so beautiful today, and so ejami.

Have we poked fun of Jordan for wearing plaid yet? Plaid seems to be standard issue for Rafe's girlfriends.
You notice that no matter where you are or what thread you are in somehow the conversation turns to Ej and Sami. Love them or loathe them... people talk about them and that is EXACTLY what Days wants.
For crying out loud y'all. Come on.
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