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In today's convo he might have been more clear but in the last convo he wasn't....you don't tell her to stay behind at your house for no reason. You don't rub her shoulders, say wonderful things to her, make her feel good for no reason. He is saying this and doing things to contradict that and as we know by spoilers he almost gives in at the end of the week.

and I will never believe that a person that is 22 (and btw she's more like 26) wouldn't get the difference between one or the other, if the guy didn't give her messages that make her think that maybe he doesn't mean what he's saying. HIs actions contradict his words....frankly even if I was young and in the situation that Abby is in, I would immediately question the fact that he continues to SAY he loves his fiancee while he boinks me...sorry that shit don't fly....if he loved the woman enough he wouldn't even give me the time of day.

Let me get this straight, are you saying that a person can not possibly have meaningless sex with another person while being in love with a third party? This is common practice in our society and specially in Salem. For instance, Bo was in love with Hope and yet he had an affair with Carly sorry not just an affair a relationship where he told Carly he love her. Marlena was in love with John when he slept with Roman. Chloe was in love with Daniel when she slept with phillip. Hope was in love with Bo when she slept with Patrick. Belle was in love with Shawn when she slept with Phillip.The point is all these people were having problems in their relationship when sought comfort in someone else's arms. It happens. I have never questioned their love because I knew it was meaningless sex just like Ej and the little girl.

By the way, Ej asked the little girl to stay behind that day so he could dump her. What was he supposed to do, text her? Ej was nice to her because he was trying to let her down easy to spare her feelings and he wanted to end things in an amicable way so she would not get spiteful and expose the affair. As for Ej's friendly behavior toward her, it is in character for him. He kissed Hope on the cheek for God's sake. He flirts with Wilson and tossed Justin around.
Hold on now. Hope was completely distraught and in ridiculous amounts of physical & emotional pain from having lost Zack, seeing Bo & Billie in bed together, and thinking Bo wanted a divorce & didn't love her any more when she slept with Patrick the singular time.
I wouldn't say that Hope sought comfort in someone else's arms as if Hope sleeping with Patrick could, in any way, be compared to EJ sleeping with Abby. And Hope & Patrick didn't "just happen".

ETA: Other differences: Bo/Carly had a relationship before he cheated on Hope with her. Same can be said for Chloe/Philip, Marlena/John, and Belle/Philip. EJ & Abby have no previous relationship from which to resurface feelings.
So the history they had made the affair more meaningful and the connection deeper does it not? as opposed to Ej banging some random chick. It does not matter what the circumstances were with Bope when she gave her body to someone else who was not Bo, the point I was making is that all these people were able to have sex with someone while being in love with someone else. That fact can not be ignored.

As long as we are going to use circumstances, Ej was hurt, rejected, lonely and his relationship with Sami was in shamble when he made his mistakes, he had every reason to believe he had already lost her, not that is any excuse. By the way, I do believe Bo had sex with Carly multiple times, moved in with her at the home he once shared with Hope and told her he loved her.....while still in love with Hope. Go figure.
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